Thursday, March 7, 2013

Woman's Day

08/March is Woman's Day!! And every Woman should be Celebrating!!

Wake up, drink your coffee and get ready to start this special day! 08/03 Woman's Day should be SPA day & more ....yeaaaahh

I dedicate this Day to ADRIANA LIMA which is my favorite.

  • Start by doing your facial. If you don't know how to do it click Beauty Basics Also, you can do body scrub and more body treatment! Don't forget your nails!
  • Accessories!! There is no right outfit without Accessories
  •  *SHOPPING*BEST PART OF THE DAY!! No one should celebrate without a presents. Don't expect from anyone else to bring you one, buy them yourself, buy whatever you like! You can buy some of the basics below or some of our season's New Trends. These are 1) Royal Blue  2) Crop Top 3) Pastel 4) Gold 5) Chambray Shirt and 6) Boho 7) Do not forget to buy some new Shoes!! Here is some Pink .
  • And last but not least Lingerie so you can celebrate in your special day with your special someone ! If you don't have any then ....get out and celebrate with your single friends! That's more fun :)!
This is a Day DIVINA'S way for Woman's Day!! Follow the easy steps and be the Celebrity for the / a day.


6 σχόλια:

  1. oh you are so right about giving ourselves a present!! ;)

  2. Awesome! Love the plan for the womands day :)
    xx ♥

  3. Adiana is one of my fave supermodel, she is just stunning!

  4. Joan ! I truly believe on that :)

  5. Gigi.T ! thank you very much !!!!!

  6. Charly ! I like her to and i think she is more than just stunning! i believe you agree with me... there are no words!