Wednesday, February 6, 2013


If you hadn't already got your own boho piece, then you should run to get one because for this spring is a BIG MUST. If you don't know what boho is - here is "Divina is U" to help you out !

Boho is a short for Bohemian and it's also similar to Hippie. Usually the Boho look is colorful and all about layering. It is very popular and perfect for every day and those who like new things and are not afraid to take a risk.

How to achive the Boho look!
Boho is a little bit of CHIC - CASUAL - HIPPIE - ETHNIC - ROCK - VINTAGE but also, can be GLAM and GIRLY.

The Bohemian style can really express every girls/women personality because cames from different mixes of different pieces and looks. Put them all together with style because Boho combine - you casual - and - you chic.

Do not forget about the accessories (a lot of braceletes, wooden & silver jewerles, Greek sandals etc.) and last but not least hippie hair (braids, bun..) additionally, a colorful bag can be a good touch.

Celebrities like Erin Wasson, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Ncole Richie, Blake Lively are not affraid to express they're hippie side.

For more * BOHO* photos click here


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