Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar 2013 (Not so good OutFits)

There is no Event that Celebrities have there Bad OutFits moments. Oscar's is the bigest trap for them.

Take a look to these oytfits.
Kristen Stewart 

Helena Bonham Carter

Kelly Osbourne

Jennifer Aniston
(as much as i love her this dress is not for her)

Jennifer Lawrence

Kristin Chenoweth

Kelly Rowland

Zoe Saldana

Nicole Kidman

Kelly Osbourne 
(is not so bad, but is not for best outfit ether)

These Ladies had the worse OutFits for the night! Do you agree? LEt me knoowww!
& and Always Remember BE creative – HAVE fun – STAY chic! 
Live FREE,Live YOUNG and WILD !


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