Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Skin Care for Beginners

With all these products from different brands, it's kind difficult to know which is best for you and which one it's important to use on daily basis.

Don't get lost on the millions of products out there. What's important is which one is best for you. And how you know what to choose? So, simple - at first you need to know your skin complex.

The categories of skin types are a few. Knowing your skin type helps at 50% on choosing the products which may work best for you and are more beneficial for your skin - and this will be your starting point on eliminating a lot of products.
1) dry 
2) normal
3) normal to combination
4) oily.

So, now that we had that out of the way lets move on to what products you should you use.

Dry skin Type
You should only be using products that have rich lotion, cream, or velvety serum textures. Also, be careful on which cleansing gel/cream you using and concentrate on products which are soap free.

common mistakes: Don't put a tonne of lotion or cream to our face just because of its dry. You can instead use rich masks which can help on extra dry skin days.

Normal skin Type
Start with a gentle but effective water-soluble cleanser. Apply a hydrating, soothing non-irritating toner cause its easy at this point to move on an upper scale which is the dry skin.

common mistake: In this case, aren't a lot of mistakes to do. Only what I can think of is neglecting the daily skin care routine.

Normal to Combination skin
You may need to use a mix of products for the dry and oily areas. For dry skin, you would need more emollient products and products with the lightest weight texture are for the oily areas—but can be layered beneath products for the dry areas.

common mistake: It doesn't need to moisturise today my skin looks that it doesn't need it. NO, this is a mistake some of you may do on your routine. If you feel more oily it means that something is going wrong with the product you use. In other words, the product isn't doing its job for your skin.

Oily skin
You should only be using products with a light fluid, liquid, thin lotion, or gel texture. Any other texture will make your skin feel oilier and risk clogging pores.

common mistakes: You should never use oil on oily skin. This is a wrong way to go cause if you know what oil works for your skin type then you should give it a try and the effect on the skin will remain the same. Oily skin needs also to be moisturised as well as a dry one. So a proven oil for this skin type is jojoba oil.

Last but not least, no matter the skin type you have always you should keep to your routine and alternate some products once in awhile for best results, so your skin won't get used to complex, otherwise would be effective.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Fishnet Tights Trend

This edgy (and can we say badass?) trend - 

is going strong and lately you can see lots of cool girls of fashion blogging and more wearing fishnet tights under ripped jeans.

If you go with a large scale fishnet then the look is not quite stylish but rather punk and depending how you pair it can be borderline trashy, but if you sport the right one (like a micro pair) then it can look quite cool.

There are a few ways you can approach fishnet tights: One route is to look at them as an add-on or an accessory, letting them peek out from under the holes your jeans, or showing a few inches of fishnet just above your pants' waistband. 

the trend is everywhere !


Fishnets are probably one of those accessories you've pondered, only to land on an "I could never pull that off" verdict. Allow us to prove you wrong. 

Fishnets are probably one of those accessories you've pondered, only to land on an "I could never pull that off" verdict. Allow us to prove you wrong.