Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How to Contour

How to contour? This is not an easy situation to deal with. Some girls do serious mistakes during the make up process.

If you want the natural make up to be more Flawless then follow the steps!

Important to Highlight !
  • Inner corner of the eye
  • cheekbone
  • Cupid's bow
  • Forehead
  • Middle of the eyelid
  • Nose bridge

The steps!

High down the bridge of your nose andextend up between your eyerows and up to just the center of your forehead.

Apply under your eyes and down the length of your nose. You should end up with somewhat of a triangular shape.

And Last, at the lower corners just outside your mouth as well as at your chin.


Follow the natural curve from your eyerows down the sides of your nose to make it appear more norrow.

Along your hairline down to your temples.

Begin at your ear and apply the deeper shade diagonally toward the corner of your mouth.

Along your jawline.

Brushes are very important to get the final result.

BE creative – HAVE fun – STAY chic!
Live FREE,Live YOUNG and WILD !


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