Saturday, March 2, 2013

Natural Make up

Natural makeup is what suits everybody. If you want your make up to be succesful, then the secret is - hydration - this is the only step to get the flawless skin that all girls adore (always remember that there is no perfect product for that)
 for more information about how to treat right you skin click here

Natural make up can make you look younger and fresh, even if you are already young -  will make your skin look clear and bright. The daily make up should not be dark and with sparkly eyeshadows, but should be light as spring even if it is winter, and you will shine bright like a diamont as my lovely Rihanna said.
1. hydration (face, neck, eyes)
2. contour so your cheek bones will be more obvious.
3. nice beautiful lashes (this should be your big must)
4. maybe a cream eyeshadow in very light color
5. glossy lips

Be inspired from these photos!!

now that your done, get your self out and be a real DIVINA.


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  1. Υπεροχες εικονες! Μου αρεσει πολυ το φυσικο μεικ απ! Φιλια!

  2. se euxaristo poli ...filia polla !!