Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar 2013

These are Celebrities best OutFits for the Red Carpet! Take a look and pick your favorite CELEBRITIE!

Amy Adams
(so beautiful like a princess in this dress)

Amanda Seyfried
(nice and elegand)

Anne Hathaway
(so skiny, I almost couldn't recognize her)

Charlize Theron
(really gorgeous)

Halle Berry
 (wore a stunning black and silver striped)

Jessica Chastain
(like an angel)

Naomi Watts 
(wore one of our favourite red carpet looks of the night)

Jane Fonda 
(popping neon yellow dress. Wow!)

Salma Hayek 
 (wearing an opulent Alexander McQueen dress)
we love McQueen

Sandra Bullock 
(wore an amazing lace dress)

These Ladies had the amazing OutFits for the night! Do you agree? LEt me knoowww!

& and Always Remember BE creative – HAVE fun – STAY chic! 
Live FREE,Live YOUNG and WILD !


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