Thursday, September 3, 2015

H&M today Impressed me!

Today, I had some chores to do on  Athens city and as always my first stop after finishing what I had to do was as usual the H&M store.

Just to see what is new on fashion !

First thing I noticed was the new makeup collection!! 
I really got impressed with all the eyeshadow colors,makeup brushes and nail polishes!

When I reached the lip-glosses and the lipsticks I got insanely excited!
  {photos of H&M store in Athens City, Greece}

All the stuff were great and to very affordable prices comparing other makeup brands 

What I suggest is that you go visit the store and see for yourself all the amazing lip colors that I guess for other companies took them years to develop.

Last but not least, also they had nice and practice make up bags for every day use !


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